About the Horses


At h.a.l.t.e.r we have six horses to help with your therapy.

Introducing the horses

Queen Enya

queen enyaHaving learned to trust people since she came here 3 years ago Enya is a true lady, quiet patient and solid-she is 8 years old.

Theodore Kumar

TheodoreA 2 year old gelding who was born on the farm and is Enya’s son. He was the surprise package one Sunday morning in June 2011. He is an obliging character and acts older than his years, he is very sensible.

HMH Special

HMH SpecialCute but by no means an easy beast to tame-Special is Mr Independant -he knows what he wants when he wants it and usually how to get it, You have been warned!!


wolfThis handsome man is always hungry-and will find a way to get what he wants even if he has to knock the fencing down. However he is also very loveable and cuddly like a teddy bear once you get to know him that is !! He is very strong and sometimes throws his weight around. He is 9 years old.


AliceWell Alice is just Alice-quirky, difficult at times, has few human friends -however I am offering her a second chance-everyone deserves that !!! At 15 Alice is the oldest horse here but she behaves like a spoilt child-Alice has tantrums to die for!! Do not get in the way it is not pretty!!!

Precious Hope

HopeHope was neglected and abandoned and was taken to the Blue Cross and she is on loan to me from them. She is a one year old Fallabella cross-she is nervous in her new home and needs patience and sensitive handling-like we all do when we are hurting unsure and scared.