Our Team

Halter team
Pauline Lupton: Pauline completed her Diploma in Counselling and Human Relations at Bradford College in and has E.A.G.A.L.A certification. She has worked with a variety of clients, both individuals and groups. In spring 2013 she ran a pilot project with children for Signpost, part of Leeds Council Family Intervention Team.  She is presently on the Eagala mentoring programme and is to take the Advanced Eagala training in September 2013. She runs a horse share scheme for adults and children, providing a bridge between riding schools and horse ownership.


Pauline has seen the changes with people on her horse share scheme , who grow in confidence in their ability to ride and handle different horses. Pauline believes horses and EAP, offers the potential for all participants to grow and learn in a positive natural environment.


Alexandra Graves: Alexandra grew up on her father’s stud farm. She trained as a complementary therapist and began private practise in 1991. She completed her MA in core process psychotherapy in 2007 , accrediting with UKCP in 2008, the same year she trained with Eagala. Her relationships with her own horses continually inspire her own EAP work.

Coral Harrison: PTSTA CTA Coral is a qualified psychotherapist registered with UKCP. She is Eagala Advanced certificated. Since 1994 she has worked with children adolescents individuals and groups. Coral gained her experience in addictions field, residential child care, youth work , organisational management and private practice.